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Is A Poodle the Perfect Choice For Your Family

We always recommend making sure that all household members are in agreement with a purchase of a new pet. Poodles are a great family choice for a pet, however please familiarize yourself with the breed to make sure a poodle is the perfect choice for your family. Please click the link below. 

Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

For those families that are searching for the perfect family pet when allergies are a concern, please read the article linked below. 

Mon Élu Poodles has had first hand experience with a young child whose family adopted one of our poodles. This young child was highly sensitive to pet dander and allergic to many other things. He broke out in hives and had itching and swelling. 

We have learned through research, that it is not the dander of the dog but a protein in the saliva and urine of the dog that can cause a reaction in those who are highly sensitive. 

Mon Élu Poodles always recommends to check with your Physician/Pediatrician before considering introducing anyone highly sensitive to a new pet, to avoid an unpleasant situation and the dissappointment of adopting a puppy and then having to give it up.

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