Welcome to Timary Lane ~ Providing Precious Puppies To Families Since 2008

Who we are

This is how it all began .....

We are a Christian family that has been richly blessed with 9 children. We have chosen to home educate our children, which has allowed us to grow together daily, as a family and in our relationship with the Lord.

Having children with allergies and asthma, we thought we would never be able to have pets. Until we were introduced to the hypeo allergenic qualities of the poodle and poodle crosses. Once we learned about them, we decided to add a beautiful black Yorkie Poo, Shaq to our family and quickly fell deeply in love with her personality, temperament and her loyalty. Everyone who met her, loved her and asked if we would ever have puppies. 

After much prayer, extensive research and consulting our veterinarian, we decided that we wanted to share this love and companionship with other families. This was the beginning of Powder Puff Puppies in 2008, and the addition of another beautiful apricot color puppy, Appie.

Through the years we have been extremely blessed to be to able to provide families with beautiful, healthy, happy puppies. 

Powder Puff Puppies grew through the families that had purchased them. As their friends and family met our puppies, they also fell in love with the same qualities and characteristics that we did. Before we knew it, we had so many people wanting our puppies, that we joyfully created a waiting list, which continues to this day. 

Our original Yorki Poo moms have retired but their legacy will live on. We love not only the moms and dad but also the puppies they created and decided to continue the lineage by keeping 1 black and 2 apricot/red puppies. These puppies are exceptional and we look forward to seeing their precious babies when they have matured.

We have always loved the poodle breed, especially since we were blessed with the most gorgeous red toy male, Solomon (also known as Sulley) the father of our Yorkie Poo puppies. Sully has taught us so much about the breed that we decided to expand our family to include Standard Poodles. We just love their natural beauty and elegance. 

We searched and searched for the perfect pair. We choose a gorgeous white (although she is considered cream) female, Aaliyah, and a stunning carmel (he is considered apricot) colored male, Ezekiel. 

Mon Élu Poodles was established as our name on our AKC registration papers for them both.

We also love the look and characteristics of the Golden Doodles. Especially since my husband loves the outdoors and has always favored retrievers as they were his family's choice as a pet, while he grew up. 

We created Dé Bonne Airé Doodles, as our social media name after we found our precious F1 Golden Doodle, Charlee.

We have recently decided to combine Powder Puff Puppies, Mon Élu Poodles and Dé Bonn Airé Doodles together in one place, and created our new website Timary Lane. 

Timary Lane is still in it's creation process so please bare with us as we add years of our puppies pictures and information here as we are able. 

We thank you for visiting Timary and hope that you will visit us again soon